Investigating new drug targets and developing new treatments for neurological and psychiatric conditions

Key people

Headshot_Ross Bathgate

Professor Ross Bathgate

Research Lead

Professor Andrew Lawrence

Professor Andrew Lawrence

Executive Lead

Research groups

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  • Antibody Therapeutics Group

    We use antibody engineering to develop highly specific antibodies against proteins involved in Alzheimer's disease and other dementia related diseases.

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  • Digestive Physiology and Nutrition Group

    The digestive physiology and nutrition laboratory concentrates on digestive physiology and nutrition, and on animal models of digestive diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease.

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  • Drug Discovery Innovation Group

    We aim to reveal molecular mechanisms of GPCR function using various techniques such as structural biology, protein engineering, biochemistry, and pharmacology.

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  • Epigenetics and Neural Plasticity Group

    The Epigenetics and Neural Plasticity Group investigates gene-environment interactions and experience-dependent plasticity in the healthy and diseased brain.

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  • Fluid Homeostasis Group

    Our group specialises in the study of the neural circuitry underlying fluid homeostasis – how the brain regulates fluid balance and electrolyte concentrations to maintain a stable environment. Our research also focuses on other topics related to behavioural neuroscience and mental health. One such aspect is studying the neurobiological mechanisms underlying the drive to consume highly rewarding foods and…

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