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Headshot_David Abbott

Professor David Abbott PhD

Group Head

Alaa  Abdul-Ridha

Dr Alaa Abdul-Ridha PhD

Senior Research Fellow

Paul Adlard

Professor Paul Adlard PhD

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Professor (Emeritus) David Ames PhD

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Ms Azin Amin

Headshot_Scott Ayton

Professor Scott Ayton PhD

Group Head

Headshot_Kevin Barnham

Professor Kevin Barnham PhD

Headshot_Samantha Barton

Dr Samantha Barton PhD

Headshot_Ross Bathgate

Professor Ross Bathgate BSc (Hons) PhD

Research groups

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  • Addiction Neuroscience Group

    The Addiction Neuroscience Group studies how alcohol and other drugs change the brain's chemistry, structure and function.

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  • Antibody Therapeutics Group

    We use antibody engineering to develop highly specific antibodies against proteins involved in Alzheimer's disease and other dementia related diseases.

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  • Autonomic Neuroscience Group

    We study the ‘housekeeping’ parts of the brain that control the body’s functions, like heart rate and temperature regulation. These control circuits are mostly in the hypothalamus and the brain stem. Autonomic nerves are the unconscious pathways that connect these circuits to every organ in the body, and they’re essential to keeping us healthy. They contain many subtypes, each of which has…

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  • AVERT Early Rehabilitation Research Group

    The AVERT group works to develop the most effective treatments and environments to maximise recovery in people after stroke.

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  • Digestive Physiology and Nutrition Group

    The digestive physiology and nutrition laboratory concentrates on digestive physiology and nutrition, and on animal models of digestive diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease.

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