Florey Future Fund

The Florey Future Fund is an endowment fund that aims to support our staff to build the best teams, conduct their research in cutting-edge laboratories and collaborate globally with peers.

As an endowment fund that provides a perpetual stream of income to support medical research, the Florey Future Fund enables us to plan for a future relatively free from the strictures of traditional medical research funding. It gives us security and allows us to sustain projects while adjusting for unpredictable economic times, avoiding delays in ground-breaking research.

Your gift to this fund provides perpetual support and strengthens The Florey’s stability by expanding our financial foundation. Great research institutions around the world are supported by similar funds that provide financial security, breed success, generate discovery and accelerate progress.

Donors can either pledge a cash donation or leave a gift in their Will for the Florey Future Fund, and will be recognised in perpetuity. Your gift will be a driving force behind the ‘bench to bedside’ approach to medical research, helping to further knowledge, translate discoveries into clinical treatments or progress to clinical trials and will have a significant impact on scientific research for generations to come.

Major donors Carl and Wendy Dowd were among the first to make a gift to the FFF
Major donors Carl Dowd AM and Wendy Dowd AM

An endowment fund for the future

The Florey Future Fund is a financial endowment, with its capital protected. Only the return on investment, in terms of ordinary investment income e.g. interest and dividends, may be distributed annually. Your endowed gift will form part of the capital amount and at no point will this be distributed; hence, your gift will generate income in perpetuity. Examples of endowments at The Florey include:

Professorial fellowships

Awarded to researchers with a proven track record of producing high quality research output that is internationally recognised. It is recognition of the achievements and effort of exceptional researchers and provides them with crucial financial support that allows them to focus on their research.


Funding the highest priorities in our laboratories. This includes costs such as salaries for postdoctoral researchers and technicians, advanced technologies and specialised research equipment and materials.

Postdoctoral fellowships

Awarded to gifted young researchers who work with scientists on complex projects. These fellowships may also apply for mid-career researchers who are at risk in the pursuit of their career due to financial challenges.

International exchange program

For hosting visiting researchers from all over Australia, and the world, to work alongside our researchers and collaborate on projects and initiatives and for The Florey’s researchers to be provided support to study or work in institutes for a period of time.

Equality in science

Our renowned program generating the strategy, activities and initiatives to advance equal opportunity for all who work at The Florey.

Giving to the fund

The Florey Future Fund is solely for the purposes of promoting research into neurological and psychiatric conditions, advancing understanding of the causes underlying these and developing better therapeutics and diagnostic strategies to reduce the burden of these conditions. Significant gifts of $100,000 or more are recognised in perpetuity, and donors can either pledge a cash donation or leave a gift in their Will for the Florey Future Fund.

We hope that your participation in our endowment will bring you closer to The Florey and keep you informed and knowledgeable about our work. We also hope that the discourse is two-way, and that you will regularly share your thoughts and ideas with us, as we truly aim to understand the community we serve and be strongly engaged with the public.

To discuss giving via the Future Florey Fund, please get in touch with The Florey’s philanthropy team via [email protected] or call 1800 063 693.

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