Equity in Science

The Florey has a deep commitment to excellence, equality, diversity, respect and integrity. The Equity in Science Committee (EqIS) acts as an agent for positive change, informing and promoting policies and practices to achieve equity, diversity and inclusion.

EqIs works alongside the Florey’s human resources and other departments to assist in providing a thriving and supportive workplace. Committee members come from a broad range of professional and academic backgrounds and various levels of seniority within the institute.

A group of Florey employees sitting at small tables on a balcony.

EqiS works to:

  1. Identify workplace cultural issues related to equality, diversity and inclusion, and communicate these along with recommendations to the Director and senior management team.
  2. Hear opinions and experiences from the broader Florey community that relate to equality, diversity and inclusion, and, where appropriate, work with those parties to promote changes to policy and practice.
  3. Inform guidelines for operations of The Florey that achieve equality, diversity and inclusion including in promotion, committee membership and institute management.
  4. Actively promote a culture of inclusion and excellence.
  5. Advocate to improve general outcomes for those with personal circumstances that affect career performance and progression, including parental and carer’s responsibilities, and illness.
  6. Celebrate racial, religious, political, sexual, gender, age and professional diversity.
  7. Support training and mentoring to empower Florey staff and students to champion diversity and inclusion in their sphere of influence.
  8. Support the monitoring of the institute’s progress towards diversity and inclusion through review and analysis of data.
  9. Liaise and engage with other groups which advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion such as Women in Science Parkville Precinct and QueersInScience.