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Missions and themes

Our missions – Mental Health, Epilepsy, Protect and Repair, and Dementia – have long been key areas of focus and expertise for The Florey. These missions are complemented by themes that underpin our discovery research capabilities – Neurotherapeutics, Neuroimaging, Synaptic Biology and Systems Neuroscience.

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Research projects

Our researchers are leaders in their fields and conduct ground-breaking brain and mind research through a range of projects.

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Researcher places test culture into a large piece of lab equipment

Enterprise and innovation

Our mission is to ensure our discoveries have a tangible impact on society and help improve the lives of people living with brain and mental health conditions.

We foster partnerships with industry, government and other research institutes to collaborate on ground-breaking projects and drive innovation.

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Female researchers working with microscope equipment

Supporting the future of brain research

Through your generosity, The Florey works to find cures and better ways to tackle complex brain conditions. Your vital contribution enables our scientists to advance brain research, giving people with a brain or mental health condition an improved quality of life.

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