The Florey’s Neurohistology Laboratory provides specialised histology services for preparing and examining both diagnostic and research tissues. Neurohistological studies contribute to the understanding of the pathogenesis and diagnosis of various brain diseases.

Highly qualified neurohistology staff have a broad knowledge of human and animal histopathology, providing expertise and services to aid in analysing tissue samples for a variety of research projects.

The laboratory collaborates with research and medical diagnostic pathology groups including the Victorian Brain Bank, the Australian National Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease registry, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, Austin Pathology and the Alfred Hospital.

Microscopic image using magenta and white dye of brain cells from histology lab
Bielschowsky's silver stain of a section of human cerebellum - magnification 800x


The facility provides a range of histological and pathology services including training to research groups within The Florey and external institutes, universities, and industry, on a cost recovery basis.

This includes:

  • preparing animal and human tissues for paraffin embedding
  • serial and series sectioning of paraffin embedded tissues
  • chemical staining and immunohistochemistry
  • microtome training and hire for client use
  • immunohistochemical method development for client supplied antibodies
  • hybridisation histochemistry
  • macroscopic and microscopic digital imaging.

Facility staff also provide project consultation and itemised quotes for studies requiring histological preparations and assessments.


Explore some of the histological images produced within the facility.


P: 0408 478 326

Neurohistology Laboratory
The Florey
Level 4, Kenneth Myer Building
30 Royal Parade (corner of Genetics Lane)
Parkville Victoria 3010

Facility staff

Dr Ian Birchall