Conditions and diseases

The Florey’s research encompasses 20+ brain and mental health conditions and diseases including anxiety, dementia, motor neurone disease, epilepsy and stroke. Our research teams are dedicated to finding solutions for the five million Australians who are directly affected by neurological and psychiatric conditions.

Research missions and themes

Our research focuses on four health missions that highlight Florey scientists’ long-standing expertise in brain research: Mental health, Epilepsy, Protect and repair the brain, Dementia.

These missions are complemented by four themes that underpin our discovery research capabilities: Neurotherapeutics, Neuroimaging, Synaptic biology, Systems neuroscience.

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Male researcher with glasses looking into a microscope.

Supporting life-changing research

In supporting The Florey by making a donation or leaving a bequest, you can help our scientists work towards developing new treatments, advancing our understanding of the brain and improving healthcare outcomes for our communities.

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