Working at The Florey

Our success, our people

The secret to the Florey’s success is our staff and students and their tireless pursuit to discover the secrets of the brain. Connected by our shared mission to improve lives through brain and mental health research, The Florey provides a dynamic, inspiring and inclusive workplace where you can develop your career.

Female researcher watches scientific equipment

Staff benefits

We value our people and are committed to helping our employees realise their potential. Through professional development, mentoring programs and flexible working arrangements you’ll have the right balance to achieve your professional and personal goals. Benefits include:

Generous superannuation
Flexible leave entitlements
Competitive salary packaging
Career development opportunities

Current vacancies

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Why choose The Florey?

Professional and personal development

We believe that a culture of continuous learning, feedback and performance improvement promotes excellence in research. We are committed to maintaining an engaged workforce through support that aligns career development with The Florey’s values. We support you through professional development opportunities such as seminars and workshops so that you can achieve both your professional and personal goals.

Male researcher gesticulates with hands as he discusses research in a group meeting

Work-life balance

We recognise that people have different working requirements. At The Florey, we are committed to enabling a healthy balance between work, personal life and family commitments. We recognise where traditional work structures can be modified to allow you the flexibility of varying work patterns while remaining productive and engaged.

World-class facilities and support services

The Florey is a world-class research institute. With internationally recognised researchers, The Florey advances the brain science of tomorrow. By providing innovative research facilities and research support services, The Florey enables talented researchers to make a positive and lasting impact through their research.

Community and connection

A workplace is more than just the place you work. With a progressive and innovative culture, we strive for excellence by fostering collaboration and work relationships across the institute. With a range of social events throughout the year, there’s opportunity for you to create both professional and personal relationships with like-minded people.

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