Scientific facilities and research services

The Florey is home to some of the world’s most advanced scientific equipment and services.

We are located in the heart of the medical research precinct in Parkville, opposite the Royal Melbourne Hospital and in Heidelberg, adjacent to Austin Health.

These facilities serve researchers from The Florey and nearby medical research institutes, the University of Melbourne, other universities, government research agencies and industry. All platforms operate on a fee-for-services basis for all services and facility access.

Female researcher adjusts slide on microscope in lab

What we offer

Researcher wearing lab coat peers into microscope in dark room

Advanced Microscopy

Blue gloved hands pipette liquid into a small test vial

Australian National CJD Registry

Researcher wearing hairnet, gloves and gown looks in on the animal facility

Behaviour Facility

Microscope with pink and white cells on slide projected behind it

National Dementia Diagnostics Laboratory

Researcher in red hair net and lab coat sits in front of 6 screens monitoring animal model behaviour


Ultra thin sheets of tissue for observation are pulled off a microscope slide prepatation machine


Close-up image of MRI brain scans with green and red lines indicating different aspects of the scan.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Scientist with DNA copying, Real-time PCR cycler, close shot
Scientist with DNA copying, Real-time PCR cycler, close shot

Neuroscience Trials Australia

Histological slide of brain tissue using purple and blue dye

Victorian Brain Bank