Key people

Headshot_David Vaughn

Dr David Vaughan

Clinical Lead

Headshot_Graeme Jackson

Professor Graeme Jackson

Executive Lead

Research groups

  • Epigenetics and Neural Plasticity Group

    The Epigenetics and Neural Plasticity Group investigates gene-environment interactions and experience-dependent plasticity in the healthy and diseased brain.

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  • Epilepsy Cognition Group

    Our group uses neuropsychological testing and magnetic resonance imaging to investigate cognitive functioning in the healthy brain and in disease.

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  • Epilepsy Functional Genomics Group

    The most severe childhood epilepsies are caused by genetic variants in ion channels and synaptic proteins. Their severity is determined by the occurrence of seizures resistant to treatment by anti-seizure medications and accompanied by neurodevelopmental delay, psychiatric manifestations, movement disorders and autism. Our group specializes in modelling these epilepsy forms (also known as developmental and…

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  • Epilepsy Neuroinformatics Group

    Our group undertakes advanced neuroimaging analysis methods development and applied research to further our understanding of the human brain in health and disease.

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  • Imaging and Epilepsy Group

    The Imaging and Epilepsy group is at the forefront of unravelling the structural and functional abnormalities in the human brain that are associated with epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

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