New approaches to mental health treatments – public lecture

Public lecture New mental health treatments

Held at the Ian Potter Auditorium on Tuesday 25 June 2024, The Florey’s public lecture ‘New approaches to mental health treatments’ brought together experts in neurobiology, drug development, psychiatry, and epidemiology to discuss treatments for various mental health conditions.

Our researchers spoke on the current treatments available for anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, with topics involving:

  • how lifestyle factors can contribute to mental health conditions
  • how we can develop smarter medications
  • how we can repurpose existing treatments.

The lecture was delivered by Professor Ashley Bush and a panel of leading experts: Dr Thibault Renoir, Dr Christopher Draper-Joyce and Professor Anne-Louise Ponsonby. The panel was hosted and moderated by Professor Andrew Lawrence.

You can view the recording of the lecture below.

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