Our impact

A leader in brain research

The Florey is the largest brain research centre in the Southern Hemisphere. Our expertise and world-class facilities mean that our knowledge can be accelerated into impact – from finding treatments to changing clinical practice, improving the lives of people affected by brain and mental health conditions.

Our focus on innovation and collaboration makes The Florey a leading scientific partner within the health and medical research sector. Our people work alongside some of the biggest drug developers, community groups and government agencies – turning discoveries into meaningful interventions for the millions of Australians living with neurological conditions.

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Female researcher looking at a brain scan on a computer screen.

Our future vision

The Florey is leading the way in advancing our understanding of the brain – taking excellence in Australian medical research to the world.

Our future vision takes scientific research and translation of discoveries, turning them into knowledge and treatments to change people’s lives. We will advance humanity through brain research, improving the physical and mental health and wellbeing of people globally.

Every day brings our experts closer to this vision, working to develop new therapeutics for dementia, reduce the burden of epileptic syndromes, prevent and repair damage to the brain and understand the molecular drivers of psychiatric disease.

Three male researchers in scrubs look closely at a CPB machine

Research excellence and recent breakthroughs