Systems neuroscience

Deepening our knowledge on how the brain communicates with other vital organs in health and disease

Key people

Research groups

  • Autonomic Neuroscience Group

    We study the ‘housekeeping’ parts of the brain that control the body’s functions, like heart rate and temperature regulation. These control circuits are mostly in the hypothalamus and the brain stem. Autonomic nerves are the unconscious pathways that connect these circuits to every organ in the body, and they’re essential to keeping us healthy. They contain many subtypes, each of which has…

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  • Hormones in Psychiatry Group

    This group focuses on understanding the neural mechanisms underlying the action of sex steroid hormones in psychiatric disorders.

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  • Neurocardiovascular Physiology Group

    Exploring brain communication with vital organs in disease we utilise advanced techniques to improve outcomes in heart failure, infection and inflammation.

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  • Pre-clinical Critical Care Group

    Our laboratory is focused on understanding how genetic, neurochemical and structural changes that occur in the brain following myocardial infarction contributes to an overactive sympathetic nervous system and consequently disease progression into heart failure.

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  • Translational Cardiovascular and Renal Research Group

    Sepsis and heart surgery both pose great danger for patients, as both can lead to brain injury and kidney injury. Our group aims to offer solutions to these major unresolved health complications. We want to deconstruct the pathological changes that happens in the brain and kidneys during sepsis and heart surgery and ensure the safety and efficacy of new mechanism-guided treatments for future clinical use.…

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