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Past achievements

As leaders in brain research for over 50 years The Florey has seen many remarkable discoveries, advances and breakthroughs within our walls. Our teams have been on the forefront of research in conditions including dementia, epilepsy, stroke and anxiety – unravelling the mechanisms driving them and working to provide improved treatments.

The Florey was built upon the research of our founding Director, Professor Derek Denton – whose ground breaking discoveries, in particular those related to salt and water metabolism, have saved countless lives through real time assessment of body chemistry balance post-operatively and in trauma cases. These techniques later evolved into what is now known as intensive care.

Professor Derek Denton talks to colleague
Professor Derek Denton in conversation with colleague

World-leading researchers

The success of The Florey is thanks to our hard-working and dedicated researchers. Their efforts have been recognised with both commonwealth and international honours, specialised awards within their fields, and community recognition and acclaim.

These honours and awards recognise the outstanding efforts and achievements of the individuals and teams who make up The Florey, celebrating the best minds in health and medical research.

Individual awards and careers highlights are listed on individual researcher pages.

Our researchers
Professor Julie Bernhardt stands holding an award between two colleagues at the world stroke congress event
Professor Julie Bernhardt (centre) receives the 2022 World Stroke Congress Barbro B Johansson award for excellence in stroke recovery.