Florey Postdoctoral Association

A community for postdoctoral researchers

The Florey Post-Doctoral Association (FPA) is an organisation affiliated with The Florey representing all the postdoctoral researchers at The Florey. The FPA acts to enhance the academic, professional and personal experience for postdoctoral research fellows through career development and social events, providing a professional network of diverse scientists within The Florey. Run by current postdoctoral researchers at The Florey, the FPA understands the value of having a supportive, scientific community of like-minded people.

A professional support network

The FPA has two core focus areas.

Support its community through:

  • career enhancing opportunities
  • travel and career development awards
  • social events.

Enhance communication and collaboration by:

  • hosting professional and social networking events
  • facilitating mentoring programs
  • creating opportunities for collaboration across the health and medical research sectors
  • promoting contributions made by Florey postdoctoral researchers.

‘As a new member of the Florey, taking on the role of treasurer for the FPA 2022 committee presented a remarkable opportunity for me to establish myself within the community and forge new friendships. This position not only allows me to develop financial management skills but also provides a platform for personal growth and connection-building.’

Dr Nicholas Pan
FPA member

FPA events

The FPA have facilitated career development and social events such as:

  • annual research conference
  • turbo-talks
  • grant writing workshop
  • media and illustration workshop


  • fortnightly coffee catch-ups
  • social BBQ
  • Christmas party.