Florey Researcher to play key role in the World Health Organisation’s International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism

Professor Andrew Lawrence will play an important role in increasing global knowledge of alcohol use disorder through a new appointment to the International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ISBRA).

In addition to his Florey research, Professor Lawrence will be the Junior Vice President of ISBRA and on the ISBRA Board of Directors. He will also continue as chair of the ISBRA publications committee. These roles will involve advocating for the scientific effort on a range of alcohol-related research from basic science to clinical research, treatment, policy and social issues.

“It’s important to bring to the forefront the impact alcohol has in society. Alcohol currently kills 15 Australians every day. It is a significant but often overlooked public health burden,” said Professor Lawrence.

Professor Lawrence was selected due to his extensive publication record in alcohol use disorder and in recognition of his passion and research excellence.

With Melbourne selected as the host city for the upcoming 2024 ISBRA World Congress on Alcohol Research, Professor Lawrence will be facilitating and advocating for the advancement in knowledge and treatment of alcohol use disorder through international collaborations.

“It is an honour to be appointed the Junior Vice President of ISBRA and continue this important work on increasing awareness and developing new strategies to improve the outcomes for those with alcohol use disorder,” says Professor Lawrence.

The 2024 World Congress will be held in September 2024 at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre. More details on the Congress and the work of ISBRA is available at isbra.com