Professor Graeme Jackson receives prestigious American Epilepsy Society Award

Professor Graeme Jackson has been awarded the 53rd Lombroso Lecturer Award by the American Epilepsy Society, a prestigious award given each year by a clinician or scientist who is considered an outstanding investigator in the field of epilepsy research.

“The Lombroso Lecture highlights significant current research in epilepsy and to become an alumnus of this most prestigious lecture is humbling. I feel very honoured as it reflects the impact of my work. Like all awards, it is also a credit to my team at The Florey and my many collaborators and co-investigators over the years,” said Professor Jackson.

Professor Jackson is a world leading Neurologist and researcher in brain imaging and epilepsy. His research is based on using innovations in MRI technology to understand brain structure and function with a focus on translating research insights to the treatment of epilepsy.

Professor Jackson is the Lead Researcher of the Australian Epilepsy Project, a research initiative aiming to ensure that all Australians living with epilepsy have access to the world-leading research, technologies and treatments that will give them the best chance at leading a life free from seizures.

He recently received the 2020 Austin Medical Research Foundation Distinguished Scientist Award, and in 2016, the American Epilepsy Society’s Clinical Science Research Award.

Professor Graeme presented the Lombroso lecture at the 2020 American Epilepsy Society event on Intrinsic Brain Networks and Epilepsy: The Next Era of Advanced MR Imaging. The lecture and award is supported by the AES Lennox and Lombroso Trust.