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Laura  Jacobson

Associate Professor Laura Jacobson PhD

Profile background

Dr Nikola Jancovski PhD

Profile background

Dr Nicole Jenkins PhD

Liang Jin profile

Dr Liang Jin BSc, MSc, PhD

Research Fellow

Sydney Juan Researcher Profile

Dr Sydney Juan BSc(Hons), PhD

Research Fellow

Yoshiteru Kagawa researcher profile

Dr Yoshiteru Kagawa BHSc, MSHSc, PhD(Medicine)

Research Fellow

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Dr Pawel Kalinowski PhD

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Dr Timothy Karle PhD

Vijaya Kenche

Dr Vijaya Kenche PhD

Professor Trevor Kilpatrick

Professor Trevor Kilpatrick PhD

Director and Group Head

Darius Lane researcher profile

Dr Darius Lane PhD

Associate Professor Yugeesh Lankadeva

Professor Yugeesh Lankadeva PhD, MBA, BioMed (Hons)

Group Head