Associate Professor Laura Jacobson

Parkville Campus
30 Royal Parade
Parkville Victoria 3052

Research group
Sleep and Cognition Group

Laura  Jacobson


Associate Professor Laura Jacobson is the head of the Sleep and Cognition Group at The Florey and an Honorary Principal Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

Her research interests centre on the neurobiology and pharmacology of sleep and arousal and their role in cognitive and emotional processes, particularly in the context of Alzheimer’s disease and post-traumatic stress disorder. Laura and her team’s current major research themes include sleep-wakefulness mechanisms as a therapeutics discovery platform for neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders; the interface between sleep architecture, learning and memory and; the role of the orexin system in decision making.

Career highlights

Current roles

  • Associate editor with Frontiers in Neuroscience (Sleep and Circadian Rhythms)
  • Associate editor with Frontiers in Pharmacology (Translational Pharmacology)
  • Editor with Medicine in Drug Discovery (Elsevier)

Past roles

  • Preclinical lead at Novatis Institute for Biomedical Research (Basel, Switzerland)

Research publications


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