Autism, also referred to as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a complex disorder of the brain that typically lasts through a person’s lifetime.

Autism affects how a person communicates, behaves, interacts with and views the world. In most cases its causes are unknown. People with autism may have difficulty with communication and interacting with others, or demonstrate a restricted or repeated set of behaviours.

Autism is referred to as a ‘spectrum’ disorder as it presents differently in everyone who has it. As all people with autism present differently, there is no one defining set of characteristics.

How The Florey is making a difference

Our researchers are working on novel compounds isolated from an abundant natural source to determine whether it might help alleviate some of the negative cognitive effects for people diagnosed with ASD. This work is being performed in conjunction with ASD clinicians at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Other work includes using preclinical genetic models of ASD to measure impaired social interaction, and develop novel therapeutic agents to improve this debilitating consequence of the disorder.

More information

For further information and support contact Autism Awareness Australia on 1300 900 681. You can also access State based services for information relevant to your home state.

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