Protect and repair

Discovering new ways to protect and repair the brain

When the brain is affected by an injury, a disease or disorder, it can change a person’s life drastically.

The Florey’s researchers in the Protect and Repair mission are renowned experts in a diverse range of brain conditions, united by their commitment to further our understanding of neurodegenerative diseases and brain injuries to improve care and develop new treatments, including the innovative use of stem cells to repair the brain.

The challenge

Key people

Headshot_Brad Turner

Professor Bradley Turner

Research Lead

Headshot_Julie Bernhardt

Professor Julie Bernhardt

Clinical Co-lead

Headshot_Vincent Thijs

Professor Vincent Thijs

Clinical Co-lead

Professor Clare Parish

Professor Clare Parish

Executive Lead

Research groups

  • Autonomic Neuroscience Group

    We study the ‘housekeeping’ parts of the brain that control the body’s functions, like heart rate and temperature regulation. These control circuits are mostly in the hypothalamus and the brain stem. Autonomic nerves are the unconscious pathways that connect these circuits to every organ in the body, and they’re essential to keeping us healthy. They contain many subtypes, each of which has…

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  • AVERT Early Rehabilitation Research Group

    The AVERT group works to develop the most effective treatments and environments to maximise recovery in people after stroke.

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  • Digestive Physiology and Nutrition Group

    The digestive physiology and nutrition laboratory concentrates on digestive physiology and nutrition, and on animal models of digestive diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease.

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  • Multiple Sclerosis and Myelin Repair Group

    We are multi-disciplinary group straddling the fields of immunology, genetics and myelin biology, with a particular interest in the intersection of these disciplines in MS susceptibility, severity and recovery. 

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  • Myelin in Health and Disease Group

    We study myelin's role in motor neuron disease and development using iPSCs and organoids, and investigate myelin in other diseases.

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