Dr Terence Pang
PhD GradDipClinRes

Research Fellow

Parkville Campus
30 Royal Parade
Parkville Victoria 3052

Terence Pang Researcher Profile


Dr Terence Pang leads research to uncover the ancestral origins of stress-related disorders. He is particularly interested in how stress and lifestyle choices influence the behaviours, physical and mental health of future generations.

Dr Pang was the first to discover that paternal chronic stress pre-conception is associated with greater anxiety and depression-related behaviours of male offspring (Short et al 2016, Translational Psychiatry). Their most recent preclinical studies discovered that a paternal history of early life trauma is associated with increased risk-taking behaviour in sons due to significant differences in patterns of brain activity during decision-making (Thivisol et al. 2023, Neuronal Signaling).

Dr Pang has profiled how different environmental factors, e.g. exercise (Short et al 2017, Translational Psychiatry) and cognitive stimulation (Yeshurun et al. 2017, Psychoneuroendocrinology) affect the molecular profile of sperm. He is currently developing novel protocols and employing cutting-edge technology to decipher the dynamic epigenetic landscapes of the developing embryo, in collaboration with Melbourne IVF. Dr Pang has supervised 20+ postgraduate research students in over a decade of research supervision.

Career highlights

Current role

  • Senior Research Officer, Funding Victoria University
  • Research Fellor (Honorary) – The Florey
  • Research Fellow (Honorary), Department of Anatomy and Physiology – University of Melbourne

Past roles

Senior Research Officer (Florey)

Other highlights

  • Project reviewer, European Science Foundation
  • Grant assessor, Neurological Foundation of New Zealand
  • Fellowship assessor, Health Research Council of New Zealand
  • LOC, Biological Psychiatry Australia (2019)
  • Symposium chair, DOHaD World Congress (2019)
  • Co-chair, DOHaD ANZ epigenetics workshop (2018)
  • Florey Equality in Science leadership committee (2015–19)
  • Co-convenor Florey Postdoctoral association (2014–15)

Awards and achievements

  • 2020 – NHMRC Ideas grant (Assistant Investigator)
  • 2018 – University of Melbourne Mid-career Seeding Grant Ideas
  • 2018–2020 – NHMRC Project Grant (Chief Investigator)
  • 2015–2017 – NHMRC Project Grant (Chief Investigator)
  • 2014 – Walter Cottman Endowment Fund
  • 2013 – Illumina ANZ Pilot Grant Programme

Research publications


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