Dr Bradley Hoare

Parkville Campus
30 Royal Parade
Parkville Victoria 3052

Bradley Hoare Profile


Currently working as Post Doctoral researcher under the leadership of Professor Ross Bathgate. Ongoing projects are centred around understanding signalling bias at the relaxin receptor, RXFP1, as well as general pharmacological investigation of other important GPCR drug targets.

Interest include:

  • GPCR pharmacology, incorporating binding/signalling kinetics and structural biology.
  • Novel drug discovery
  • Assay development and optimisation
  • Resonance energy transfer (eg. BRET, TR-FRET, FRET) and its applications to understanding ligand:receptor and protein:protein interactions.
  • Using smartphone cameras and BRET to develop diagnostic tests for biomolecules. Please get in touch if you have any interest/expertise at all in this.


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