Professor Dominique Cadilhac
PhD, MPH, BN (post-reg), RN (Div 1)

Since 1998, Professor Cadilhac has made important contributions in stroke health services research and public health policy related to stroke.

Following a two-year secondment from the Royal Melbourne hospital to conduct and complete a large multicentre study in Victoria to compare different models of acute hospitals care, she was employed as their first Manager, Health Services Unit, whereby she was responsible for overseeing stroke research programs with local and international investigators and facilitated consultancies with external agents.

In addition, she worked directly with the Chief Executive Officer, policy advisers and public health officers on public health initiatives including tenders and work with State and Commonwealth Governments (1999-2001). Late 2001, she became head of the Public Health Division of the National Stroke Research Institute, which later amalgamated with the Florey.

In 2004, she commenced a PhD and dedicated her primary focus to fulltime research. All her research is applied to ensure a practice or policy outcome and has directly involved the Stroke Foundation as a consumer in this work.

  • Location

    Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Austin
    245 Burgundy Street
    VIC 3084


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