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Empowering the next generation of leaders

Study at the leading neuroscience institute in the Southern Hemisphere, and you can expect to work with internationally recognised scientists on a range of ground-breaking brain research. You’ll collaborate with senior researchers and fellow students on real projects, using cutting-edge facilities and technology, all the while making important contributions to our broad research portfolio. What’s more, The Florey provides a welcoming and supportive training environment to help you with your study and career aspirations.

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Why choose The Florey?

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    Advancing brain science

    From fundamental science to clinical trials, we make a difference in the lives of those living with brain conditions. Studying with us means you work alongside researchers who are leaders in their field and puts you at the forefront of global neuroscience research.

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    Supporting our students

    We understand that our students are early career researchers. The Florey provides all students access to the necessary academic, scientific and personal support they need through their studies. Our dedicated Student Support team are an integral part of The Florey, and give you the assistance you need throughout your studies at The Florey.

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    Diverse, innovative community

    We have a strong sense of community, with an ever growing, diverse group of dedicated students from all over the world. Coming together with a passion for neuroscience and mental health, innovation and grand ideas, The Florey community collectively pursues the science of tomorrow.

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    Professional development

    We believe that being a scientist is more than just doing research. We offer a wide range of seminars, workshops and professional development opportunities to help our students excel in their studies and beyond – including producing high-quality theses alongside peer-reviewed publications. Through research, mentoring and career-relevant activities, we want our students to become the next scientific leaders, ready to advance future brain research.

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    Social events

    We want our students to feel welcome and a vital part of The Florey. We host multiple social events throughout the year so you can easily connect with your peers and foster new relationships and collaborations.

Students Of The Florey (SOFI)

Students Of The Florey (SOFI) is a student organisation run by current students at The Florey. SOFI hosts events throughout the year where you can meet other students, sharpen your academic and professional skills, and build a lasting network of aspiring scientists from different areas of neuroscience and mental health.

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Student support

We have a fully integrated Student Support team who support Florey students from the application process right through to graduation. The team can help you as prospective student, including answering any questions you may have about the application process. Once you have enrolled, the team continue to support you through your studies, and connect you with other students and any resources you may need.

If you are interested in working with The Florey as part of your studies elsewhere, or you are looking for a student internship, year 10-12 work experience, contact the Student Support team to find out more about our exciting opportunities.

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‘I chose to study at The Florey because they have great researchers and labs that align to my research interest. I found that once I started my degree, I got so much more than I expected. The research facilities are great and the support from the research services made it easy to learn new skills relevant to my research. ‘

Ann-Sofie Bjerre – PhD student

Apply to study at The Florey

Whether you are interested in doing your honours, masters or doctorate degree at The Florey, we’re here to help you through the application process. Do you know exactly what you want to research, or not sure what is the best fit for you? Use our student projects tool below to search for projects in your area of interest, or look for relevant supervisors and groups. We’ve also put together a step-by-step guide to help you prepare and submit your application.

How to apply
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Current student opportunities

Use the filters below to search for projects in your area of interest.

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