Shane Warne Legacy Fund

Shane Warne AO

Shane Warne Legacy logoThe day before Shane departed for Thailand, he expressed his desire to engage in charitable work within the field of brain research. Regrettably, this aspiration never came to fruition for Shane personally, however his legacy will endure.

Tragically, Shane passed away suddenly in Thailand on 4 March 2022 leaving the world in shock.

We were profoundly moved by the Warne Family’s recognition of our research and its profound impact. In a touching gesture, Shane’s family requested that, in lieu of flowers during the State Memorial honouring Shane, individuals consider making donations to our Institute.

We are deeply honoured by this request and wholeheartedly commit to continue working closely with the ‘Shane Warne Legacy‘ to ensure that your generous donations are directed towards critical medical research initiatives aimed at improving the lives of those facing the challenges of brain and mind-related diseases.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that statistics emphasise the stark reality that 1 in 5 individuals directly grapple with the effects of neurological and mental health conditions. This sobering fact resonates with nearly every family due to their connections to those affected by brain-related issues.