How to prevent and treat stroke in 2023

Stroke is a significant health concern that affects countless lives.

In this public lecture, Professor Vincent Thijs, Florey researcher and a distinguished figure in the field of stroke research, talks about stroke prevention, treatment and recovery – now, and in the future.

This lecture delves into the world of stroke research and prevention and includes topics such as:

  • What is stroke and why it matters
  • Identifying risk factors and practical prevention tips
  • Recent research discoveries in stroke management
  • Recognising stroke symptoms and acting swiftly
  • Rehabilitation and recovery: a path to wellness

Stroke research at The Florey

The Florey has established itself as a global authority in the field of stroke research. Its unwavering commitment to understanding stroke, enhancing patient care, and pioneering groundbreaking treatments has earned it international acclaim.

From the establishment of Australia’s first mobile stroke unit in 2017, right through to the latest launch of Australia’s first stroke service for young people – The Florey has led the way in improving the lives and health outcomes of people with stroke.

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