Florey stars shine bright at annual awards ceremony

The Florey’s awards were a celebration of the remarkable dedication and commitment of our staff and students at The Florey.

The Florey Awards 2023 celebrated the remarkable dedication and commitment of its staff and students this week as over 120 staff were presented with awards of recognition.

Five new award categories were presented by Florey Board Chair Martin Adams to capture the breadth and diversity of Florey research across all teams and career stages.

“In the realm of research, we are no strangers to the relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation. It is this spirit that unites us, the driving force behind our collective efforts to make a meaningful impact on the lives of countless individuals,” he said.

Speaking at the awards, Florey Director Professor Trevor Kilpatrick said, “As the director of The Florey, I am deeply proud of the collective accomplishments that we have achieved over the years and during my tenure. The discoveries, innovations and breakthroughs made within these walls have without doubt changed lives, and it’s thanks to you”.

2023 Florey Award Winners

Lend a Hand Award

The winner of this award is a colleague that has been a tremendous support for their colleagues during the year. Often flying under the radar, this person plays a vital role in progressing projects or tasks.

Winner: Celeste Mawal

Exceptional Talent Award

The winner of this award is someone who goes above and beyond in their role at The Florey in either a research capacity or corporate/professional services capacity.

Winner: Professor Clare Parish

Pathway to Impact Award

The winner of this prize is someone who has demonstrated a commitment to improving the lives of people both in Australia and globally through their research.

Winner: Professor Akhter Hossain

Dynamic Collaborator Award

The winner of this prize is someone who has demonstrated a commitment to improving the lives of people both in Australia and globally through their research.

Winner: Associate Professor Yugeesh Lankadeva

Team of the Year Award

The winner of this award is either an established group or business unit, that has demonstrated great teamwork, team spirit and has, together, delivered great outcomes for The Florey.

Winner: Stem Cells and Neural Development Group

Celeste Mawal receiving a 2023 Florey award.
Lend a Hand Award winner Celeste Mawal


Brett Purcell receiving a 2023 Florey award.
The 45-years length of service milestone was awarded to Brett Purcell


Length of service awards

10-year milestone: Julie Andrew, Scott Ayton, Kevin Barnham, Cetina Bertelle, Ian Birchall, Lindsea Booth, Karen Borschmann, Emma Burrows, Christopher Bye, Danielle Caruso, Susan Cox, Brittany Cuic, Steven Fleming, Shannon Gaspari, Adele Gibbs, Elissa Hardman, Xin Huang, Ross Humphreys, Connie Jacobs, Laura Jacobson, Irina Kouchnareva, Xiang Liu, Lucy Mackintosh, Stuart McDougall, Carol Milligan, Steven Oliphant, Carlos Opazo Martinez, Lucy Palmer, Donna Parker, Thibault Patrick Renoir, Joanne Robertson, Mathew Salzone, Amelia Sedjahtera, Fazel Shabanpoor, Kathy Skoff, Robert Smith, Adam Southon, Christiane Stehmann, Christoper Tailby, Frances Tait, Elsa Tsui, Emile Werden

15-year milestone: Paul Adlard, Maria Bastias, Krista Brown, Ashley Bush, Lynley Cordeiro, Daniel Drieberg, Fiona Ellery, Travis Featherby, David Finkelstein, Christopher Fowler, Andrea Gogos, Mark Greenough, Akhter Hossain, Ya Hui Hung, Vijaya Kenche, Taryn Knight, Gawain McColl, Clare Parish, Leah Payne, Anita Pejic, Kelly Pertile, Sandra Petrolo, Christopher Reid, Kay Richards, Rebecca Rumble, Daniel Scott, Gena Shoykhet, Margit Simondson, Anna Stobie, Lachlan Thompson, Brett Trounson, Bradley Turner, Thomas Vale

20-year milestone: Alison Petrou, Andrew Lawrence, Anthony Hannan, Anthony Dornom, Carmel Jacobson, Catriona McLean, David Abbott, Dominque Cadilhac, Doris Tomas, Fairlie Hinton, Gregory Thomas, Julie-Ann Bernhardt, Kenny Jao, Michele Binder, Rian Mackenzie, Sally Hood, Sharon Layfield, Steven Petrou, Vera Phipps

25-year milestone: Alistair Kittson, Graeme Jackson, Melinda Goga, Ross Bathgate, Simon Miller

30-year milestone: Christine Johnston, Clive May, Craig Thomson, Geoff Pavey, Li Chun Quang, Qiao-Xin Li, Tania Ferraro

35-year milestone: Brian Dean

40-year milestone: Mick Petrovski

45-year milestone: Brett Purcell

Donor awards

Anonymous Philanthropic Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Travel Awards

Phd winners: Katherine Lewis, Chiara Pavan and James Spyrou

Postdoc winners: Francesca Alves, Ming Soh, Leigh Walker

Caitlin’s Fund Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Travel Awards

PhD winner: Suyi Ooi

Postdoc winner: Lauren Bleakley

Harold Mitchell Foundation Postgraduate & Postdoctoral Travel Awards

PhD winners: Xavier Maddern and Chaseley McKenzie

Postdoc winner: Christina Mo

John Milne Prize for Neuroscience

Winner: Taide Wang

Wally and Jean Jackson Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Prizes

PhD winner: Vicky He

Postdoc winner: Cherry Mao

John Collier Postdoctoral Travel Scholarship

Winner: Niamh Moriarty

Taide Wang receiving a 2023 Florey award.
John Milne Prize for Neuroscience award winner Taide Wang


Sarrabeth Stone receiving a 2023 Florey Award.
Alan Rembach Postdoctoral Travel Award award winner Sarrabeth Stone


Florey travel awards

Alan Rembach Postdoctoral Travel Award

Winner: Sarrabeth Stone

SOFI Travel Award & Ayse Berke and Liana Colvill Postgraduate Travel Award

Winners: Lizzie Kleeman and Anton Task-Marino

Florey Postgraduate Travel Award

Winner: Sofie Bjerre, Andy Zhang and Chau Tran

Postdoctoral Best Paper Award

Niamh Moriarty and Francesca Alves

The Craig Drummond Award

Dr Natasha Krishnadas

Scientifix | FPA Postdoctoral Award

Winner: Eric Pierre

Florey Purchasing Student Travel Prize

Winner: Heidi McAlpine


The Florey’s annual microscopy photography competition, where cutting-edge science and artistic brilliance collide to bring the unseen to life, saw winners in the categories of Scientific Award and People’s Choice. The winners were, respectively, Shivani Vaidya and Chau Tran.