The Florey partners in multi-institute Mental Health PhD Program

The Florey will share responsibility for shaping and steering the University of Melbourne’s Mental Health PhD program with the Centre for Mental Health, the Department of Psychiatry, the School of Psychological Sciences, and the Centre for Youth Mental Health.

The Florey will be represented in the Mental Health PhD Program (MHPP) by new co-Director of the program Professor Andrew Lawrence, who plans to further enrich the PhD experience through interdisciplinary training.

“Research plays a transformative role in improving outcomes for people who are experiencing mental illnesses,” said Professor Lawrence.

“Through interdisciplinary training, partnerships and collaborations, the future mental health research workforce will be more well-rounded.”

The Mental Health PhD program currently has over 60 graduate researchers from over a twelve different Centres and Schools within the University of Melbourne.

For more information about the Mental Health PhD program, visit here.
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