Professor Clare Parish

BBiomedSci (Hons), PhD

Professor Clare Parish is Deputy Director of Science at The Florey, a neuroscientist and NHMRC Senior Research Fellow.

Her research focuses on the utility of human stem cells to model and advance our understanding of neurological conditions, as well as the use of stem cells in the advancement of new cell-based therapies.

Since joining The Florey in 2007, Professor Parish has held a number of senior roles within the organisation.

She leads the stem cell program within the Aligning Science across Parkinson’s network (Michael J Fox initiative) and is president of the Asia-Pacific Association for Neural Regeneration. She was the recipient of the Australasian Society for Neuroscience Nina Kondelos Award (2022) and Lawrie Austin Award (2021).

Professor Parish holds major funding from the Aligning Science across Parkinson’s initiative ($14M) to study the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease, the Medical Research Future Fund and industry engagement – aimed at progressing cell based therapies into clinical trials for stroke.

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