Research Assistant and PhD Student - Neurorehabilitation and Recovery Group
Ms Yvonne Mak-Yuen

Yvonne is an Occupational Therapist, researcher and a current PhD Candidate at La Trobe University. Yvonne’s main role in the Neurorehabilitation and Recovery team is conducting various clinical standardised assessments in a current clinical trial for adult stroke survivors with sensory loss and for healthy individuals. Yvonne’s post-graduate research in the SENSe Implement Project focuses on the further development and trialing of standardised quantitative sensory assessments (SENSeAssess) used in clinical settings for adult stroke survivors. Yvonne is also currently the a Research OT at St Vincent's Public Hospital, a casual Monash Health clinician and a casual tutor for Occupational Therapy students at La Trobe University.

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    Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Austin
    245 Burgundy Street
    VIC 3084

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