Mr Alexandre Guerin

Alexandre Guérin is currently undertaking a PhD with A/Prof Jee Hyun Kim (Developmental Psychobiology), Prof Susan Rossell (Center for Mental Health, Swinburne University), and Prof Andrew Lawrence (Addiction Neuroscience). His research focuses on the relationship between genes, behaviour, and methamphetamine use disorder. His main objective is to understand why adolescents are more vulnerable to developing addiction, and why they are more resistant to treatment. You can find Alexandre on twitter at @alex_guerin13.

Key collaborators:

A/Prof Jee Hyun Kim (Lab Head, Developmental Psychobiology)
Prof Susan Rossell (Director, Center for Mental Health, Swinburne University)
Prof Andrew Lawrence (Lab Head, Addiction Neuroscience)
A/Prof Yvonne Bonomo (Director, Department of Addiction Medicine, St Vincent's Hospital)

  • Location

    Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
    30 Royal Parade

Awards and achievements

Melbourne Research Scholarship 2017-2020

Research Papers

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  • Investigating the role of dopamine receptor-and parvalbumin-expressing cells in extinction of conditioned fear.
    Neurobiology of learning and memory
    • Year: 2017

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