Professor Amy Brodtmann

Amy Brodtmann is a stroke and cognitive neurologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Austin Health, and Eastern Health, and a clinician-researcher at the Florey.

She is the recipient of many awards and grants for her work in stroke and dementia, including NHMRC fellowship and project support, and is CIA on a Dementia Research Team Grant.

Her research focuses on the imaging of brain network degenerations following stroke and the diagnosis and management of focal onset dementias. She is on the editorial boards of Neurology and IJS, the board and committee of Dementia Australia’s Research Foundation and Wicking Strategic Review Panel.

She is a founding member of the Australian Frontotemporal Dementia Association, the inaugural Chair of the Australian Chapter of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping, and the inaugural President of the Australian Cognitive Neurology Society.

Key collaborators:

Professor Vladimir Hachinski, Western University, Canada
Professor Charles DeCarli, UCDavis, U.S.A.
Professor Geoffrey Donnan, The Florey Institute, Australia

  • Location

    Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Austin
    245 Burgundy Street
    VIC 3084


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