Peptide Neurobiology Laboratory

Dementia and psychiatric illnesses remain major clinical, scientific, societal and economic problems. A better understanding of how the brain controls physiology and behaviour and how this becomes dysfunctional due to ageing and disease pathology is urgently required.

Basic research studies are therefore needed to identify new structural and molecular neural targets that may form the basis of novel therapeutic approaches in the future. In this regard, our laboratory conducts ‘systems neuroscience’ research and a primary interest is to understand the role of neuropeptide signalling in the control of complex behaviours including arousal, stress, mood motivation and reward, and associated memory processes, under normal and pathophysiological conditions.

We conduct experimental studies in animal models of normal physiology and psychiatric disorders, using a range of biomolecular tools including receptor-selective peptides, ‘viral-vector delivered’ designer receptors, and a range of transgenic mouse strains.

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