SENSe – Evidence-based sensory assessment and rehabilitation

Sense therapy provides new hope for the one-in-two people with stroke who experience sensory loss: to regain a sense of touch and use their hand again.


To develop evidence-based assessments and rehabilitation intervention to help people who experience stroke and loss of sensation, to regain a sense of touch and use that in everyday activities.

We have developed novel, evidence-based approaches to measure sensation after stroke. The SENSe© Integrated Assessment and Training Unit has been developed to support evidence-based rehabilitation of sensory function after stroke. It includes three standardised measures of sensory function designed to assess for impaired body sensation in persons experiencing stroke and in the clinical setting. Its purpose is to provide clinicians with an evidence based sensory approach that will aid accurate and early detection of sensory impairments across various somatosensory modalities. The measures and clinical assessment training protocol are being used in the SENSe Implement and SENSe CONNECT studies.

The SENSe therapy program is designed to help stroke survivors regain a sense of touch and use this information in everyday activities. SENSe Therapy exploits the brain’s capacity to adapt and learn new skills. It has been designed to assist stroke survivors to improve functional sensory skills and be able to apply these in everyday tasks. SENSe Therapy is supported by high-level evidence of effectiveness, is recommended in the NHMRC-endorsed national clinical guidelines and, is reported as ‘life-changing’ by stroke survivors. It is also supported by a suite of quantitative, evidence-based assessment and therapy tools, clinical training protocols with multimodal, online training, and a community of therapists.

The Sense© Integrated Assessment and Training Unit comprises all equipment necessary for implementation of both SENSe assessment and training.

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