Identify the transcriptional regulatory factors of the P2X7 receptor

P2X7 is an ATP-gated purinergic receptor and plays a broad role in infection, inflammation, autoimmunity, neurodegeneration and oncogenesis.

Several isoforms of P2X7 have been identified to be associated with cancer or other diseases. High expression of non-functional P2X7 has also been found in a broad range of tumour tissues. However, the transcriptional regulatory factors leading to these isoforms and non-functional P2X7 are unclear. This project will identify the transcriptional factors in the P2X7 promoter region, and how these transcriptional factors regulate production of P2X7 isoforms and non-functional P2X7. The results will provide insights on how cancer cells avoid removal by innate immunity.
Techniques involved include molecular biology, including primer extension, transfection, fluorescent super electrophoresis mobility shift assay and chromotin-immunoprecipitation, as well as cell culture, flow cytometry.

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