Laura McCambridge

Heidelberg Campus
245 Burgundy Street
Heidelberg Victoria 3084

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Laura graduated with a MSc from the Department of Psychology, University of Otago in New Zealand. Her thesis examined the social effects of causal opacity and pain in rituals. Laura worked as a Project Coordinator at King's College, London, then at the University of British Columbia in Canada, before starting at The Florey.

Laura's current research at The Florey focuses on the beneficial effects of exercise after stroke; she is the Project Coordinator for the Post-Ischaemic Stroke Cardiovascular Exercise Study – Zoom Delivered Intervention Against Cognitive Decline (PISCES-ZODIAC). Laura is also a Research Assistant on the AVERT DOSE Study, which explores the optimal dose of mobility training for stroke patients in the acute stage.

Laura's research interests include clinical trial design and management, stroke recovery, and neurodegenerative dementias including frontotemporal dementia.

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