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Posted on 10/04/2017

Public daytime lecture: The brain is the Boss!

Professor Clive May and special guest Prof Rinaldo Bellomo

Prof Clive May is Head of the Florey's Neurocardiovascular Laboratory where he and his team research neural control of the heart. Heart failure continues to be a major health problem, with an increasing number of deaths attributed to heart failure, and increasing costs associated with care. Prof May's other main interest is in sepsis – the often fatal bacterial infection that can occur after surgery. He and his team are aiming to identify the onset of kidney failure that results from sepsis, so that intensive care units can intervene much more quickly than is currently possible. In this lecture Prof May will talk about how the brain plays a crucial role in heart and kidney disease.

Prof May will be joined by a special guest, Prof Rinaldo Bellomo, director of intensive care at Austin Health.

This lecture is now available to view:



Getting here

Reasonably priced parking including many disability spaces, is available under the Kenneth Myer Building with lift access to the auditorium. We suggest that you bring some gold coins for the ticketing machine.

Public transport

Take tram 19 on Elizabeth Street, heading away from the city to stop 11, Melbourne University. Cross the road to the Kenneth Myer Building. Look for the Dr Dax cafe sign and you'll know you're there.


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