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Over $6 million awarded for new motor neuron disease research at the Florey

The wonderful and dynamic team at Cure For MND Foundation have partnered with other philanthropists and the State government to provide over $8M in new funding for motor neuron disease.


This includes over $6M for the Florey, comprising $5M for a state-of-the-art drug discovery and screening laboratory, a $1M research grant to Dr Brad Turner and the inaugural Angie Cunningham $300,000 Ph.D scholarship awarded to Ted Wang.

This high throughput screening platform will take skin samples from MND patients, turn them into stem cells and then into motor neurons in a dish, to enable researchers from around Australia to screen their FDA-approved drugs of interest, accelerating the pace of research and leading to new clinical trials in a matter of years instead of decades.

Congratulations Dr Brad Turner and a massive thanks to all involved.



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