Research Teams

Select a Research Team below for an overview of their research, team members and a selection of their current projects.

Addiction Neuroscience Laboratory
Advanced MRI Development Group
Atomic Pathology Laboratory
Autonomic Neuroscience Laboratory
AVERT Early Rehabilitation Research Group
Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease Clinical Research Group
Developmental Psychobiology Laboratory
Digestive Physiology and Nutrition Laboratory
Epigenetics and Neural Plasticity Laboratory
Epilepsy Cognition Laboratory
Epilepsy Neuroinformatics Laboratory
Exosome Biology Laboratory
Genes Environment and Behaviour Laboratory
Hormones in Psychiatry Laboratory
Imaging and Epilepsy
Innate Phagocytosis Laboratory
Insulin Peptides Group
Ion Channels and Human Diseases Laboratory
Molecular Gerontology Laboratory
Molecular Psychiatry Laboratory
Motor Neurone Disease Laboratory
MRI Blood Flow and Brain Connectivity Laboratory
National Dementia Diagnostics Laboratory
Neural Networks Laboratory
Neurocardiovascular Laboratory
Neurochemistry of Metal Ions
Neurogenesis and Neural Transplantation Laboratory
Neurogenetics Laboratory
Neuroimmunology and Remyelination Laboratory
Neuropathology and Neurodegeneration Laboratory
Neuropeptide Receptor Group
Neurophysiology of Excitable Networks Laboratory
Neuroproteomics and Metalloproteomics Laboratory
Neurorehabilitation and Recovery Group
Neurotherapeutics Laboratory
Neurovascular Biology Laboratory
NHMRC Centre of Excellence in Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery
Oxidation Biology Unit
Parkinson's Disease Laboratory
Peptide and Protein Chemistry Laboratory
Peptide Neurobiology Laboratory
Pre-clinical Parkinson’s Disease Research Laboratory
Presynaptic Physiology
Psychology and Experimental Neurophysiology
Public Health and Health Services Research Group
Receptor Structure and Drug Discovery Laboratory
Respiratory Neurophysiology Laboratory
Sleep and Cognition
Spinal Research Laboratory
Stem Cells and Neural Development Laboratory
Steroid Neurobiology Laboratory
Synapse Biology and Cognition Laboratory
Synaptic Neurobiology Laboratory
The Australian Imaging Biomarker and Lifestyle Study (AIBL)
Traumatic Brain Injury Laboratory
Vascular Neurodegeneration Research Laboratory
Viscerosensory Laboratory