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Posted on 19/05/2017

Daytime Lecture - imaging the pathways of the brain

In this lecture, Prof Graeme Jackson will talk about contemporary imaging techniques, especially imaging the pathways in the living brain - from opera singers and musicians to epileptic teenagers.

The Florey's Imaging and Epilepsy group is at the forefront of unravelling the structural and functional abnormalities in the human brain that are associated with epilepsy and other neurological disorders. The group includes several collaborating laboratories, each with multidisciplinary teams of scientists, capable of utilising and advancing cutting-edge neuroimaging technology to address key biological questions in health and disease. Major areas of research include the study of brain networks, connectivity, cognition and injury; neuroimaging analysis methods development / neuroinformatics; and clinical translation to improved patient care.

The lecture will begin promptly at 11am and finish at approximately 12.15pm including question time.

Getting here

Reasonably priced parking, including many disability spaces, is available under the Kenneth Myer Building with lift access to the auditorium. We suggest that you bring some gold coins for the ticketing machine.

Public transport

Take tram 19 on Elizabeth Street, heading away from the city to stop 11, Melbourne University. Cross the road to the Kenneth Myer Building. Look for the Dr Dax cafe sign and you'll know you're there.


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