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Posted on 19/05/2017

Daytime Lecture - addiction and the obesity epidemic

In 2016 Dr Brown's lecture was the surprise packet of our daytime lecture series. Back by popular demand this year, Dr Robyn Brown will again take a fascinating and informative look at addiction and its link to obesity.

Robyn Brown is an NHMRC Peter Doherty Fellow at the Florey. In 2011 Robyn was awarded a Sir Keith Murdoch Fellowship from the American Australian Association to go and undertake postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Peter Kalivas in the USA where she contributed to a number of high impact studies investigating neuroplasticity in drug addiction. Her current research focus is investigating the neural mechanisms underlying addictive disorders such as drug addiction and pathological over-eating using a combination of techniques including behavioural pharmacology, optogenetics and electrophysiology.

The lecture is available to view below:



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